You can now get your personal car plate

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

For NOK 9,000 you can now get your personal car plate

On Thursday, anyone can apply for a name, word or special number on your car plate. For NOK 9,000 , you will own the unique plates for ten years.


You can start applying via the National Road Administration’s ( digital search service from 11 am on Thursday morning.

However, you have to be quick if you want to be absolutely sure that no one else grabs the exact character combination you want. If there are several applicants for the same combination, the application that was first registered will get the right of way.

– We know that there are many who have requested personal car plates, and now we can offer this also in Norway.

Markup for safety purposes

The NOK 9,000 price is set not only to cover the costs of the scheme, but will also provide a surplus for the purpose of earmarking traffic safety purposes, says Heidi Øwre, Head of Section for Vehicle Authentication and Registration at the Road Directorate.

It is only possible to apply for personal car plates through the new digital service. Applications by phone, email or traditional mail will not be processed.

– There will be a manual approval of all applications. It is hard to tell in advance how much the turnaround will be and how long it will be, says Øwre.

To be approved for a character combination, it is a requirement that it is not offensive, to the detriment of anyone or that it infringes trademark rights.

All personal signs must have at least two and a maximum of seven characters, including any spaces. It is only allowed to use Norwegian letters and numbers. Moreover, the person who orders a personal car plate must be 18 years old and be the owner of the vehicle in question.

The personal car plate does not follow the car at a sale, but can be linked to your following car instead. Reselling of the license plate is not allowed.


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