Man mowing lawn with tornado behind created webstorm

tornadoIn this Friday, June 2, 2017, photo provided by Cecilia Wessels via The Canadian Press, Theunis Wessels mows his lawn at his home in Three Hills, Alberta, as a tornado swirls in the background. Cecilia Wessels, who took the image of her husband to show the tornado to her parents in South Africa, said that the twister wasn't as close it appears. (Cecilia Wessels/The Canadian Press via AP)

Photos of a man mows lawn with tornado behind created webstorm

A photograph of a man cutting the lawn in Canada with a tornado that swirls behind him created a storm in social media.

Cecilia Wessels took the picture of his husband Theunis on Friday when the tornado swirled past their home in Three Hills north of Calgary, Alberta.

 The lawnmower was on the husband’s task list, and when he started the mower, the wife in the house took a small stretch.

 Wessels explained that she was awakened by the daughter who was worried because she saw something resembling a tornado in the sky, but her father would not come indoors.

 “I asked him if he would not come in with while tornado was out there, but he answered calmly no,” said Cecilia Wessel on Sunday.

 Theunis Wessels himself said that the tornado was really far further away than what appears in the picture and that it was moving away from them. But he added that he kept an eye on the swirling tornado.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today