Not only drunken but wanted as well

Torp airportTorp airport.Photo: Peder Gjersøe / NTB scanpix

An air passenger was not only drunken but wanted by the police as well

Police were called to Torp airport on Saturday due to a drunken air passenger.

It turned out to be the wanted art thief, Pål Enger, according to Dagbladet newspaper.

‘’He was wanted in the Oslo police district in connection with a prosecution decision’’ said operations manager, Trond Egil Groth, of the Southeast police district to NTB news.

Pål Enger (51), who is perhaps best known for being behind the theft of Edvard Munch’s “Scream” in 1994, is prosecuted, inter alia, for theft of a luxury watch,a speaker, and clothing from several exclusive stores in Oslo last summer according to Dagbladet.

The case is scheduled in Oslo District Court on January 22 this year, but the prosecution’s decision has not yet been proclaimed to Enger himself and he was thus called for by the police.

Groth said it has not yet been decided whether remand prison remedies are applicable due to the inquiry.

The police in Sandefjord received a message at 19.30 on Saturday night that a man in his 50s was drunk and made noise on board a Norwegian plane from Malaga. When the plane landed at Torp, the police were waiting. An ambulance was also present because the man, who turned out to be Enger, complained of chest pain.

He was checked by ambulance personnel and was then taken to the emergency room with the police in tow.

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