Norwegian charged customer NOK 73K

airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian. Photo: Norway Today Media

NAS charged NOK 73,000 due to a technical error

Technical problems on the Norwegian Airlines web pages led to customers being overcharged for flights. One customer was charged NOK 73,000.

The problems arose in the final round of the airline’s New Year’s sales this past Thursday.

One of the customers affected was Therese Lien Sørensen, according to
Dagbladet. When she was to pay the flight, a technical error was reported. Sørensen tried to pay several times, but never received confirmation that the payment had gone through. When she checked the online bank her credit card had been charged 73,000 kroner.

Several customers

On Norwegian’s Facebook page, several customers wrote about similar problems.

Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson, press officer at Norwegian, says that the problems are due to an error with one of their third-party suppliers.

“As soon as it was discovered, we began to work swiftly to fix the problem and repay these amounts. Of course, we apologize to the customers who were affected by this Thursday night and we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening again,” she writes in an email.

Those affected by this are going to get their money back, she emphasizes.

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