Police ends search for pyromaniacs

plastic leisure boat boat fires pyromaniacsInterior of plastic leisure boat. Photo: Pixabay.com

Police end search for pyromaniacs after boat fires in Bærum

Three boats burnt in Bærum the night before Saturday. Police searched for several hours after three teenagers who were seen running from the scene but did not locate the pyromaniacs.


The police were notified of the fire at the Gyssestad boat association at Slependen west of Oslo at 1.14 am on Saturday. It burned in at least three boats in storage at the association.

– There allegedly were both boys and girls running away from the crime scene after it started to burn in the boats. We are out with several patrols and dogs to apprehend them, tells the Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, Arve Røtterud, to Budstikka. He is sure that the fire in the plastic boats is not accidental.

The three suspected perpetrators were still at large on Friday at 9.30 pm.

“There is no longer an active search for the three, but a case file is made. We hope to apprehend them at a later stage based on information we have received from witnesses, says Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, Tor Grøttum, to NTB. The fire service quickly gained control of the boat fires, thus avoiding proliferation. It looks like the three boats are total loss, though, says Grøttum.

There was significant smoke development as a result of the fires, which for a period led to reduced visibility for the motorists on European Route18 which passes closely by the site. There were no persons on board any of the boats.

Looking for a car that left an accident scene in Møre & Romsdal

Two cars have been involved in a traffic accident in Molde. The police are looking for the driver of one car, who drove off from the scene after the incident.

The police were notified of the accident at 9.33 on Saturday morning.

– The on-site team says that the other driver has been brought to the emergency room. The condition of that person is as of now unknown, says Operations Manager in the Møre & Romsdal Police District, John Bratland, to NTB.

– Another car drove away from the scene, and the condition of the person(s) in that car is, therefore, also unknown, says the Operation Manager.

Further, he states that the police seek tips on a blue or coke grey Ford S-Max with UR registration plates.

– There is most likely material damage to the car, Møre & Romsdal Police District Tweets.


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