The police want video assistance regarding missing BI student

Trondheim 20-year-old Nidelva BI StudentTrondheim, Nidelva River Photo:

The police want video assistance regarding missing BI student

The police in Trondheim want contact with two people who are seen on a surveillance tape, where also the missing BI student, Rakavan Jeevaharan (21), is believed to be featuring.

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The video has been recorded at Kongens gate in Trondheim around 1 am on August 15.

– We’re not 100 per cent sure that the missing person is in the video, but we’re interested in getting in touch with those who are seen in front of him, says police officer and lead investigator into the disappearance case, Arve Vagnild, to Adresseavisen.

He also asks other people who know they were in Kongens gate in the city centre of Trondheim around that time to contact the police.

Three persons

There are three people in the video. The first person appears to be a woman, followed by a man on walking on the other side of the street. Behind this last person appears what is presumed to be the missing Jeevaharan.

The student from Stavanger the night before August 15th left a mentor event at ‘The Mint’ in Trondheim and sent a message to his sister that he was on his way home. When the family did not hear from him after that, they reported him missing.

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