Political diversity in march against fur

NOAH furNOAH torchlight march against fur. Photo: Emayavan Kanesamoorthy /NOAH

Political diversity in torchlight march against fur farms

The Conservatives, The Progress Party and Labour were among the represented political parties under NOAH’s torchlight march against fur farming. Several thousand people met in more than 20 cities around the country to support the shutdown of the industry in Norway.


– This year’s march is a celebration of that the proposed ban on the fur industry will be processed this year – while all those attending want to give the politicians a clear message that the ban must be introduced without further delays, says Leader of NOAH, Siri Martinsen, in a press release.

In front of The Norwegian Parliament on Saturday night, The Conservatives for the first time held appeals in connection with the torchlight marking.

– It is obvious that a civilised society, as the Norwegian is, views animal welfare seriously and says no to fur farming. We will achieve that together, says Henrik Asheim (Conservatives). He was joined by the other Government Parties.

– The legislation is on its way. The deadline is set. The industry will be shut down, says Sveinung Rotevatn (Liberals).

-Fur animals in cages are simply incompatible with proper animal welfare, says Stine Margrethe Olsen (Progress Party).

Labour’s industrial spokesperson, Terje Aasland, emphasised in his appeal that the time to keep wild animals in cages is definitely over.

– Now the last part of the job must be fulfilled. The message must be loud and clear – we can not hesitate any more, nor can we linger. We need farmers to produce sustainable food. But we do not need the farmers to keep wild animals in cages, he says.

It is the 15th consecutive year that NOAH arranges a torchlight march against the fur industry. This time it was to mark that the Government is now preparing a ban on fur farming and that they will keep the pressure up until all cages are empty.


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