Politician murders leaves Britain’s EU battle in suspense

Jo CoxA woman leaves a floral tribute next to a photograph of murdered Labour Member of Parliament Jo Cox in Parliament Square, London, Britain June 17, 2016 REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

The murder of Jo Cox casts a dark shadow over the EU campaign in Britain. In the midst of the shock, the consequences are difficult to predict.

– It is too early to say until we know what the motive was behind this, says Jan Erik Mustad at the University of Agder , and how the deed will affect the British EU vote on Thursday.
– Cox was a strong EU supporter, so if this attack is about that and if the investigation shows that it was politically motivated, it can have a direct impact on how the campaign will run, he said.
The election campaign has  been suspended until further notice after the murder of the young Labour politician on Thursday afternoon. She was stabbed and shot in the street, and the suspected gunman was according to British media probably a supporter of right-wing extremist organizations.

Strengthened yes side?
Some analysts believe the result could be that the country’s EU supporters now will experience progress. Exchange rates in both Asia and Europe rose on Friday because the possibility of Britain opting out is considered to be less.
– I notice the commentators in Britain speculate that this may strengthen the remain campaign, but nobody knows yet stresses Mustad.
– It could lead to an upsurge in support for the EU, but it is far from  a given result, writes Reuters who believes the public mood has become more erratic than ever.

Source : NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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  1. Gerald Sinclair | 20. June 2016 at 06:36 |

    I really cannot see why the act itself would affect voting one way or the other, but suspending campaigning which I think is a gross overreaction might and perhaps that is why that action was taken as the ‘fors’ may have been getting nervous.
    Doesn’t say much for true Democracy but we all know that is only a facade anyway.

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