Pollen registration is underway

PlantsPlants.Photo: pixabay.com

A mild winter is causing the measurement of pollen to start up earlier this year, but so far there is no pollen detected.

A mild winter makes the catkins bloom earlier. Therefore we started early on Thursday, January 19th to measure pollen, reports the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF).

– So far, we have not detected any pollen in our measurements. The early measurements are just to be on the safe side and to pick up any early spreading, says Hallvard Ramfjord, Senior Researcher at the Pollen Warning Center.

Ramfjord does not think the pollen season will starts quite yet.

– In Oslo it is predicted to have below zero temperatures in the coming weeks, but Western and Southern Norway are having a lot of plus degrees.

Often the first pollen findings have been made on the West coast. Currently, January 30th holds the record for the earliest detection of Alder pollen, explains Ramfjord.

The first pollen types to appear are Alder and Hazel. The pollen spreading can be found on the Pollenvarslingen.no website.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today