Postal service first with Chinese electric van

China Electric Van Postal Service PostKjell Arne Hagen has worked 23 years in Posten. Now he is going to drive a Chinese van in downtown Oslo. PHOTO: Håvard Jørstad / Posten

Norwegian Postal service first with Chinese electric van

The Norwegian Postal service is testing a Chinese electric van during Christmas traffic. Before now, it has been impossible to get vans of this size with sufficient range and load capacity.


The car is the only one in the Nordic countries and will be used to deliver business packages to customers in Oslo. The fact that Oslo changes the rules for toll road charges makes it extra beneficial to go electric.

Completely electric

– We have electrified everything that is possible in small distribution vehicles. Now we see how we can do the same with bigger vehicles. The Chinese car manufacturer SAIC is the first to deliver an electric van of this size. Now we will test whether it meets our quality requirements, says Press Officer in Posten Norge, John Eckhoff,.

Norway’s Postal service aims to use renewable energy sources only by 2025. Electric vans are one of the measures the company wishes to implement to achieve this target.

On the way towards fossil-free

– The post shows once again that they are at the forefront in Europe in cutting emissions from goods transport. This electric car is an important step towards covering all the vehicles we need for a completely fossil-free transportation system. It is very exciting that new players are challenging this market, says advisor on emission-free transport in ZERO, Torfinn Belbo, .

After the test in Norway, the electric car will be tested in Stockholm, where it will be used by Bring to deliver goods for Ikea.

Needs more than 100

– This is a car designed for urban areas. In Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, we need more than one hundred cars. In addition, large cities elsewhere in the country will need electric electric cars. We hope to start regular operation with the electric car in the second half of 2018, depending on when cars can be delivered and service networks can be set up, says John Eckhoff.

Facts on SAIC Maxus EV80

  • Length 5,7 m, width 2 meters
  • Load volume 11.4 m3
  • Battery 56 KW
  • Range> 200 km
  • SAIC produces 6.5 million cars a year (passenger cars and vans)
  • SAIC is the first to be able to deliver vans in this segment


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