Posten’s chief executive officer warns of mail one day per week

Posten and BringOslo.Posten and Bring.Photo Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

CEO Tone Wille, of Posten, believes the time of delivery of mail five days a week is nearing an end.


‘I think it may become a weekly post. An intermediate solution on the way to that would naturally be mail every other day’, she said in a new book, according to the Avisenes News Bureau (ANB).

The references to the changes can be found in the book ‘The Great Change. Post in a digital era’. It was written by TV 2’s programmer, Jan Ove Ekeberg,and was launched on Wednesday this week.

‘No matter how this ends, it will be difficult to defend mail delivery five days a week for a long time. If politicians want more frequent mail than what can be defended in the market, the state has to pay for it’, said the CEO.

Intermediate mail delivery every other day except weekends would mean delivery on Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week, and Tuesday and Thursday the next. The post office have submitted their views on this to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

‘Where this ends, and how fast it will move, nobody knows today. But the direction is obvious’, Wille says in the book.

In parliament, ‘Postspace in Change’, which the Storting discussed last autumn,it is said that ‘the next step will be fewer divisional days’.

In Denmark, the transition to digital mail has developed a little further than in Norway.

The Danes will switch to post delivery on one day a week from the 1st of January next year.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today