Products for sale in duty free shops unsavory

MFU Candy Hello Kitty duty Free Tax freeNot exactly a Pez dispenser. Photo MFU

Products for sale in duty free shops deemed unsavory by MFU

Candy and toys bundled is contrary to the Norwegian guidelines says MFU. Duty free shops are breaking Norwegian guidelines.

hello kitty
The MFU (The Food Industry’s Professional Committee) has seconded a complaint regarding a product designed as a battery-driven toy is sold bundled with candies is in violation of the MFU guidelines.

The products are on sale in duty free shops, including at Gardermoen and imported by Global Travel Retail Sales. According to the MFU guidelines, candy can not be sold together with additional benefits that appeal especially to children. The committee considers the fans with Frozen, Minions and Hello Kitty decor to be such an added benefit. The products are therefore considered to be marketing specifically aimed at children and therefore contrary to the MFU guidelines. The decision is unanimous.

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