Prohibition against lighting of fires in Østfold after several grass fires


There are several reports of grass fires in Eastern Norway this Saturday. The police in Østfold states that a ban on all outdoors fires is in place.

The Duty Officer of the Fire Department reports that all use of fire is prohibited until further notice, the police in Østfold tweets.

The ban applies everywhere, including private property, the police tweets.

– We have been involved in a total of five grass- and house fires during the day, and there have even been a few grass fires and a chimney fire we have not attended, says head of the East Police District, Villy Meier, to Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad.

At Sande in Vestfold and Slependen in Bærum there are also reports of grass fires, according to NRK

Meteorologist Kristen Gislefoss says to NRK that the type of weather that causes a large forest- and heather- fire hazard is normal for this time of year.

– Tomorrow, the same type of weather is expected with a lot of wind in the day and no trepidation, and there is therefore a big forest fire hazard. From Sunday night however, rain is expected, says Gislefoss.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today