PST believes man accused of terrorism made missile-manual

Aker Solutions HeadquartersAker Solutions Headquarters.Photo Norway Today Media

Police Security Service (PST) believes the  Aker Solution engineer (49) who was arrested last year and is  accused of terrorism, drew up a document describing unconventional use of missiles, the newspaper VG writes.

The document consists of multiple pages and bears the company’s name and logo, according to the newspaper.
– The investigation is still ongoing, but we are now in the final stages. I do not want to give any further comments on how we view the case as of now, communications director  in PST, Trond Hugubakken, says.

The man was arrested at his working place on 11 May after the company had become concerned about his activites online and alerted the police.

He is charged under Penal Code section 147c with having spread information that can be used by those who want to commit a terrorist act. He denies culpability.
He was suspended and later dismissed from Aker Solutions, and the 49-year-old has taken legal action because he believes the dismissal is invalid. The labour dispute will be  handled by Asker and Bærum District Court in November.

The man’s an Iraqi Shiite and a former officer and came to Norway as a refugee in 1998. He returned to Iraq a few years in the early 2000s before he came back in 2006. For several years he belonged to the Iraqi National Congress, which was funded by the CIA.
He was released in June last year, when PST meant there was no longer a risk of destruction of evidence.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today