Public Health has not chosen the best HPV vaccine

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Public Health has not chosen the best HPV vaccine

Several experts believe that the National Institute for Public Health has not chosen the HPV vaccine that provides the best protection against cervical cancer.


Last year more than 500,000 women were vaccinated against cervical cancer in Norway. Women born in 1991 and later receive a free vaccine to protect themselves against cervical cancer. But the vaccine chosen by the Norwegian Institute for Public Health is not the best on the market, according to experts NRK has talked to.

– There is a difference between 70 percent protection and 90 percent protection, says Professor Emeritus Ole-Erik Iversen, a senior doctor at the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. He is responsible for testing the HPV vaccine in Norway and has researched this type of vaccine for 15 years.

Cross cancer protection

Iversen receives support from the chairman of the Gynkreftforening, Jeanette Hoel. She believes it should be emphasized that the vaccine that was not chosen also protects against genital warts.

– It is clear that genital warts are not related to cancer, but we believe this will motivate more people to take the vaccine, she says.

Professional Ingeborg Aaberge of the Institute of Public Health says that combating genital warts did not fall within the mandate for selection of HPV vaccine, pointing out that the chosen vaccine, in addition to providing good protection against cervical cancer, also provides good cross-protection, thus protecting against others types of cancer.

Professor Iversen urges all women to take the vaccine offered by the authorities.


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