Raja: – A big win for Venstre

Abid RajaDeputy Leader of the Liberals (Venstre) Abid Q. Raja. Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix

Abid Raja (V) is very pleased with the toll draft and calls it a big win for Venstre (Left).

Venstre was concerned that car use in cities should not increase. Erna Solberg (H) has guaranteed to us that this will not happen. We trust that, and take it for granted, says fiscal spokesman Abid Raja to NTB.

On the contrary, public transport has increased by a total of NOK 1 billion in the cities and districts, the funds in the districts will be strengthened and the Northern Norway railroad concept be investigated. Had there been a cake here now, I would have enjoyed it, says Raja after Venstre’s press conference at the parliament on Friday night.

There, Venstre leader Trine Skei Grande stated that they too say yes to Erna Solberg’s toll draft.

Critical of the process
Like his leader, Raja criticises the process that has been around the toll negotiations.

We have not been happy with the process, I think everyone can agree on that. It has been going on for weeks and the dramaturgy has reached several peaks, he says.

I think maybe people can judge whether Frp’s way of going here has been a good and navigable way, says Raja on questions about what in the process he is unhappy with.

Fewer cars – cleaner air
How is the relationship between Venstre and Frp now?

I know that some in FRP do not believe in man-made climate change. We in Venstre believe in anthropogenic climate change, which is why we are adjusting our policies accordingly, replies the Venstre politician.

He points out that all of Norway’s cities last year could report clean air below the dangerous NOx level.

That is why we believe that car use in cities must not increase. Both because of emissions, but more car use also leads to more air-borne particles which causes asthmatics to struggle.

Now Raja looks forward to continuing the election campaign, which until now has been overshadowed by the toll case.

I hope we can now get back on track and talk about how we can improve the lives of most people.

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