Record number of missions for the Red Cross

TROLLTUNGATROLLTUNGA.Photo: Jenny Pettersson / TT kod

The Red Cross has had 1,500 rescue missions so far this year, compared with 984 in all of 2015.

Never before has the Agency recorded such a volume of missions in such a short time.

The large increase is observed across the country, not least by Trolltunga, which two years ago had four events, while it now in 2016 registered 40 missions.

In total, the volunteers have been involved in 70 missions in Odda municipality. Also Romsdalseggen, Besseggen and several destinations in Nordland have increased as well.

– The Tourist wave has put the voluntary agency to the test in several places. Cooperation and preparedness must be increased in order to avoid loss of life, said Sven Mollekleiv, president of the Red Cross, in a statement.

He believes many municipalities are lagging behind in readiness, despite the fact that the needs are increasing.

Only one of the three municipalities have entered into agreements to improve preparedness.

– Now it is important that municipalities, tourism operators and rescue teams work together to meet the needs of increased tourism.

It is absolutely necessary to step up efforts to prevent and reduce the number of incidents, he said.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today