Man shot by police in Kristiansand dies from his injuries

Man shot by police in KristiansandMan shot by police in Kristiansand.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

The man who was shot by police in Kristiansand on Sunday morning, died of his injuries a short time later.

After receiving concrete information about his situation, police forces in Kristiansand chose to arm themselves before they moved to apprehend him at 05.00 on Sunday morning.

The man they were looking for opened fire on the police, after what Fædrelandsvennen describe as a ‘car- chase’.

‘There had been a front line established just north of Kristiansand earlier during the night,
made by armed police patrols who were sent to the area’, said chief of staff, Bård Austad, of Agder Police.

The man, who was in his 30s, was at first reported to be alive and he was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.
Shortly afterward, he was pronounced dead said police in a press-release on Sunday morning.

‘Before the police stopped the person by shooting him just outside the city of Kristiansand, after
having been discovered by the police, he shot at them’, said Bård Austad.

The Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs has been notified. Agder Police
will supply further information about the matter in a press briefing on Sunday morning.

The shooting happened at a gas station just north of the downtown area, reported the newspaper, Fædrelandsvennen.

‘When I looked out of the window, I saw the police fire at someone 30 to 40 meters away’,
said the night security guard, who stood behind the cash register when he heard loud shots.
Then he hid himself in the office.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today