Reindeer warning system to be tested

Wild Reindeer herds chronic wasting disease CWDReindeer. Photo:

A warning system for reindeer is to be tested in Norway

An electronic system that will notify when reindeer are near traffic will be tested at Saltfjellet.

It is the Umeå University in Sweden who heads a project to put in place a warning system for reindeer in traffic. The system means that the animals are equipped with a transmitter that connects to flashing lights on poles along the road when they come close to one another. Every year, more than 2,000 reindeer die in traffic, reports Swedish P4 Norrbotten.

The system has already been tested for a couple of years both in Sweden and Norway – but has been delayed – and is not yet ready to be introduced. Now, a final test period will start at Saltfjellet in Nordland.

“So far, the technology is not mature enough to be fully used,” says project manager Johannes Karlsson at the university.

He says there is great interest in such notification and indicates that the results so far have been good.

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