Escherichia coli found in chicken products sold by Rema

Norwegian Chicken, e.coli, Escherichia coliNorwegian Chicken.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Products from a chicken batch is barred from sale due to Escherichia coli

Customers are advised to bin products they have purchased from the affected batch. Escherichia coli (E.coli) bacteria have been found in a chicken batch sold by Rema 1000.



– Control routines revealed E.coli bacteria in raw and some frozen chicken products in a batch of Norwegian Chicken, late Thursday evening.

– At the present time, we want to be on the safe side and block sales and go make sure that our customers receive this information, says Quality Ensurance Manager at Rema 1000, Martina Rabsch, in a press release Friday night.

Customers who have bought chicken products from Rema 1000 between May 4 to 10 are advised to recycle the product

Rema 1000 states that customers will get their money back. The products are produced by Norsk Kylling under the brand names ‘Solvinge’ and ‘Prima’.

Rabsch points out that the E. coli bacterium is killed by heat treatment, and that E. coli infections are in most cases harmless, but infrequently the infection can cause really serious harm.

Norway Today has not received LOT numbers for the products involved, so therefore advise people to be safe rather than sorry, and hope that you have kept your purchase receipt.

The Products involved are as follows:

  • Shredded chicken
  • chicken fillet
  • Craig’s magic dust
  • Craig’s garlic BBQ
  • Frozen chicken 2 kg
  • Chicken wings 2kg
  • Chicken raw in bag
  • Chicken breast fillet

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