Remøy shrimp trawler back in Norwegian waters

Remøy shrimp trawlerRemøy shrimp trawler.Photo / NTB scanpix

Remøy shrimp trawler is back in Norwegian waters

The shrimp trawler Remøy, is back in Norway after being held in Murmansk since May the 10th . The ship reached the dock in Tromsø on Saturday morning.

The ship is now unloading cargo in Tromsø before a new crew are taken on board to launch a new mission.

Captain on board, Kjetil Ervik, told NRK news, ’the involuntary stay has been demanding. We didn’t know how long it’d last, or when we’d get home.’

Long negatiotiations with Russian authorities

After long negotiations, nine of the crew were exchanged while the ship was held in Murmansk, but now a fully-fledged crew of 17 are on board to continue fishing.

During a routine check, Russian Coast Guards detected that the trawler had no valid license to fish for shrimps in Russian waters.

It was later shown that this was due to an error made by the Directorate of Fisheries during issuing the license.


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