Replace tires before the autumn holiday

Jan FleinsjøJan Fleinsjø.Photo: Gjensidige

The forecast shows the freezing temperatures and snow in some upland mountain areas is coming  this week.

-Check Long term forecasts for your area before you leave. If you switch to winter tires you are on the safe side, says Jan Fleinsjø, which is Automotive Technical Consultant at Gjensidige.

Five years ago, there was a change in the weather during the autumn holiday, and going home from the mountain was marked by many summer tired cars on extremely slippery roads.

This led to a number of accidents and collisions, and several motorists received reduced compensation from their insurance companies.

-If You knowingly drive with summer tires in winter conditions, there are great opportunities for the compensation to be reduced if you have an accident, says Fleinsjø.

-The Worst is that you expose yourself and other road users to great danger, he stated.

According to traffic rules, it is mandatory to have tires that provide sufficient traction for snowy conditions you are driving in.

The rules sets no specific deadline for when you can put on studded snow tires. Studded, however, can not be used until November 1 unless the circumstances make it necessary.


Source: Gjensidige / Norway Today