Researcher concerned about insects

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Researcher concerned about amount of insects in the drought

The heat and drought in southern Norway will affect many insect populations dramatically, according to Researcher Frode Ødegaard, who is deeply concerned about the situation. Many insects depend on moisture during their larvae stages.


Mosquito, horsefly and black flies are all depending on moist conditions during the larvae stages. With the drought we have experienced recently, it will affect these insect populations dramatically, says Senior Reseracher at the Norwegian Institute of Natural Research, Frode Ødegaard, to NTB.

Wasps, which are closely related to ants, are on the other hand heat loving insects that thrive in the sun and are active during sunshine. I motsetning til mygg og lignende insekter er veps ikke like avhengige av fuktighet.

– We however monitor some colonies of wild bees, and for them, the situation is precarious due to the drought. They have larvae in the soil, and are vulnerable to drying out. Without moisture they are in danger of perishing, says Ødegaard.

Forecasts wasp year

Every other year is referred to as a so-called wasp year, and in even numbered years, the wasp population usually grows. According to Ødegaard, 2018 looks to be a good year for them, despite the drought.

– It seems to be a fair amount of wasps in July and August, explains the insect researcher, who adds that especially southern Norway will teem with more wasps than the average.

The high season for wasps is, as many will be aware of, in late summer.

More «monster wasps»

Europe’s largest stinging wasp, the infamous hornet, is more widely spread across Norway in recent years. It has been rare until now and has not been part of the Norwegian fauna for almost 100 years. In recent years it has re-appeared in several places in Southeastern Norway, especially in Akershus, Buskerud, Vestfold and Østfold.

– There have been many observations this spring, and it will also experience a very good year. – It is becooming increaingly more of them, and it has really surged both in terms of quantity and spread, Ødegaard says.

Stings from hornets are usually not fatal, but are on the other hand, far more painful than stings from smaller wasps.


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