The royal couple began county visits in Nordland

King Harald and Queen SonjaSørfold municipality . King Harald and Queen Sonja.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

King Harald and Queen Sonja are out on their annual county trip. This year, they are visiting Nordland. The last county visit in Nordland took place in 2008.


This year’s visit started in Straumen in the Sørfold municipality, where the Royal couple arrived in their ship, where it will be based during the visit. Citizens of all ages will be able to greet, sit down and talk to the royal couple.

The visit includes the municipalities of Sørfold, Steigen, Røst, Værøy and Moskenes. The tour started on Tuesday and will end on Thursday. Both the Royal Couple and the Crown Prince couple usually take a county trip every year and the Crown Prince visited Nordland in 2014.

The municipalities that are part of this year’s county visit are counties that have not officially been visited by the royal couple earlier. After their visit to Sørfold, Steigen is next, where the Royals will be presented today’s industries, culture and nature to give an insight into this diverse municipality.

The program Wednesday brings them first to Røst, where there will be a taste of, among other things, the Querini Opera. Then to Værøy and opening of the village’s new kindergarten before the Royal Couple trip ends on Thursday with a visit to Reine in the municipality of Mosken. Also there is a folklore party and meetings with representatives of business and industry.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today