Ruter’s hydrogen buses soon back in traffic

Ruter Hydrogen busesHydrogen buses are expected to be back on the road next week after Ruter this week decided to resume operation of the hydrogen station at Rosenholm outside Oslo.

Ruter’s hydrogen buses soon back in operation

The public transport company in Oslo, Ruter, will soon be operating its hydrogen buses again. They have been out of service since the filling stations were closed after an explosion in Sandvika.

The hydrogen station at Rosenholm, southeast of Oslo, has both a different technical design and supplier. There is, therefore, no reason to believe that there is an increased risk connected to operating the station, Ruter emphasises. However, the station was closed for a routine and extraordinary safety assessment prior to continued operation.

Routes decided to resume operation of the station on Monday.

“There are a total of five hydrogen buses in operation in Oslo. The closing of the hydrogen station at Rosenholm has not resulted in reduced offers to customers, as the buses have been replaced with other buses, with other fuel sources. The start-up of the hydrogen station will take some time, and we expect the hydrogen buses to return to normal operation next week,” according to Ruter.

It is the company Air Liquide that owns the hydrogen station at Rosenholm. The company has, together with Ruter, ensured that all routines and safety measures are in place and functioning as intended.



Explosion at Uno-X in Sandvika

The hydrogen station of Uno-X at Kjørbo in Sandvika blew sky-high on June 10th this year. The hydrogen company NEL is the supplier of most of the technology at the filling station. NEL is currently assessing all of its filling stations in Europe. They are aiming for a reopening in the third quarter, according to a previous press release.

The investigations after the explosion show that a wrongly inserted plug on the hydrogen tank caused hydrogen to leak out, according to Teknisk Ukeblad.

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