Hydrogen station on fire after an explosion

hydrogen station Uno-X SandvikaSmoke development after an explosion at a hydrogen filling station in Sandvika. Photo: Kristoffer Hagen / NTB scanpix

Hydrogen station on fire after an explosion at Sandvika – E18 and E16 closed

A hydrogen station at Sandvika Shopping Mall (Storsenter) is on fire after an explosion. The situation is unclear, and both the E18 and E16 are closed for traffic.

It’s an Uno-X filling station that is burning. Images show that it is still burning. There is still a lot of smoke emitting from the site.

The police are now in the process of setting up a safety zone around the hydrogen station.

“We are working on setting up a safety zone of 500 metres, on the recommendation by the fire service,” Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Cathrine Silju, tells NTB.

“It is probably a tank that has exploded at the hydrogen station next to the police station at Kjørbo,” The Fire Services tells the local newspaper Budstikka


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No injuries

Silju further informs that the police do not yet know what caused the explosion, but confirms that it took place on the premises of the hydrogen station.

There have been no reports of injuries to people.

“We have not been notified of any injured persons. We are happy about that,” Silju concludes.

“E18 near the site is closed in both directions due to the danger of explosion. The E16 at the Bjørnegården tunnel in Bærum is closed for the same reason,” The Road Traffic Central tweets Tweets.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration recommends detours via the E134 (Oslofjord tunnel) or National Road 35 at Hokksund.

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