Safe to eat Norwegian chicken

Chicken, Norwegian chickenChicken, Photo: Norway Today

Safe to eat Norwegian chicken even from Rema 1000

On Thursday evening, REMA 1000 and Norsk Kylling (Norwegian Chicken) pulled a larger part of their chicken back after an indication of increased incidence of e.coli bacteria.

All test results from Norsk Kylling (Norwegian Chicken) have shown no hazardous value of e.coli bacteria in Norwegian chicken.

‘REMA 1000 and Norsk Kylling acted according to a precautionary principle, and pulled back a larger portion of raw and frozen chicken, as results on Thursday night had indicated higher values than the limit we have set, which is stricter than the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s (Mattilsynet’s) regulatory framework.

Based on what we knew on Thursday night, we chose to stop selling chicken and withdrew the product, as well as notifying customers, because at that time we didn’t know the potential consequence of the indication,’ said Kjell Stokbakken, CEO of Norsk Kylling.
A number of samples have been taken in recent days and the results show values far below the limit values set, and are not hazardous to health. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority have been fully oriented and the feedback from Mattilsynet is that Norsk Kylling has made reliable and rigorous assessments of the product.

‘We have been assured that there are no technical faults at the factory, or in the work routines,’ said Stokbakken.


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