SAS cancels 100 departures due to possible strike

SAS cancels 100 departuresSAS airlines. Photo: SAS

SAS cancels 100 departures due to possible strike

While the company and the pilots try to avoid dramatic escalation of the strike from Thursday, SAS cancels 100 departures to be on the safe side.


– Due to a possible escalation of the strike, SAS has taken precautions and canceled approx. 100 flights tomorrow until 14:00 on Thursday, September 14, the company announces on its web pages.

It is the domestic traffic that is hardest hit by the company’s preparations – SAS flights with Swedish and Danish pilots are not affected. Nor do charter flights and routes operated by SAS’s partners in Norway.

The partners operate a number of smaller routes, and are therefore not affected, according to media director Knut Morten Johansen.

Check for yourself online

– It’s a rather complicated picture, and therefore crucial for our travelers to check the status of their flights, Johansen tells NTB.

Travelers who have an airplane ticket canceled by a strike are notified by SMS, SAS promises. You can also visit this page, enter flight number and check the status of your flight. On this page you can also check which SAS flights are going on normally from 14 to 18 September.

SAS offers passengers traveling to, from, via or domestically in Norway to change their flights for free.

Thousands affected

SAS’s pilots in Norway will meet on Wednesday evening with the employer and the National Work Conflict Mediator, Nils Dalseide, to see if there is a way out of the conflict. Only two pilots have been taken out on a strike so far, but the Norwegian Flyerforbund and ScanNor Flygeforening have announced that the strike will be stepped up with all and half of the associations’ members from Thursday, respectively.

That is, if the parties do not agree, about 450 pilots will be taken out on strike. After several scheduled escalations this week, the strike will have reached almost full force on Saturday, when more than 550 Norwegian SAS pilots will be on strike. In total, the unions have announced vacancy for 588 members.

According to TV 2, 15,000 travelers will be affected – each and every day.


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