2 Ap teams want free abortion until week 18

AUF Ine Libak self-determined abortionLeader of AUF, Ina Libak. Photo: AUF

Two Labour county teams want to extend the right to self-determined abortion to week 18

Two of the county teams of the Norwegian Labour Party (Ap) are in favour of abolishing the abortion committees and extending the right to self-determined abortion to the 18th week.

In Akershus Ap, it was an overwhelming majority for the proposal, while it in -the newly created – Westland Ap was a close call, writes Vårt Land.

A large number of county councils of the Labour Party (Ap) have held annual meetings this weekend. Several of the county teams dealt with the abortion case. This after the National Convention of the youth party (AUF) decided to extend the limit for self-determined abortions last autumn.

March 8th

The proposal by AUF was rejected by the county teams of Østfold, Trøndelag, Telemark and Innland, while it was not up for a vote in Agder, Vestfold and Nordland.

Møre & Romsdal Ap will keep the current 12-week limit for self-determined abortion but wants to evaluate the system of abortion committees.

The Leader of AUF, Ina Libak, believes that the views on the 18-week limit and the removal of committees are maturing in the party. She envisages promoting the issue further towards the National Convention of the Labour Party in April.

On the International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8th the main parole in Oslo is «Defend self-determined abortion – remove the committees».

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 4. March 2019 at 09:19 |

    Why stop at week 18?
    Why not 9 months like the democrats in the US now has legalized?
    Or maybe listen to the doctors who say a 3-6 week old fetus has a heart beat, detachable brainwaves and unique fingerprints. The lack of education of Norways politicians is stunning

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