Ambulance helicopters to Finnmark

Rescue Helicopter Ambulance Helicopters Armed ForcesRescue Helicopter. Photo: Europol

The Armed Forces sends two ambulance helicopters to Finnmark

The Norwegian Armed Forces helps the air ambulance service with helicopters stationed in both Kirkenes and Lakselv. The first is operative as of Tuesday night.


As of Tuesday at 9 pm one ambulance helicopter is ready for operations in Kirkenes. It will cover the coastal area in and around the Varanger Peninsula.

The Norwegian Air Force also strengthens the rescue helicopter base at Banak in Lakselv with another ambulance helicopter as of Thursday. Both helicopters are rigged with space for one strecher patient and have both an anesthetic doctor and a specialist nurse on board, according to the Air Ambulance Service.

The Emergency Ambulance Plane preparedness has been variable lately, due to a lack of pilots available to the operator, and the Norwegian Air Ambulance Services therefore requested help from the Norwegian Air Force as one of several measures.

Pleased to help

– The Armed Forces are pleased to be able to help out in a demanding situation for a vital civil service. We received the request for assistance from the Directorate of Health and have established this capacity at short notice. It is available for fourteen days for starters, says Lieutenant Colonel and Communications Officer at the Armed Forces Operational Headquarters, Ivar Moen.

The Air Ambulance Service admits that the ambulance helicopters are not a complete substitute for the missing aircraft.

– Far better advanced acute medical treatment with a specialist nurse and anesthetic doctor present can be provided on board an ambulance helicopter than in a regular ambulance though. As an added bonus, transport of patients is much faster. We are pleased that the Armed Forces were able to provide these helicopters on short notice, says CEO of Air Ambulance Services HF, Øyvind Juell.


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