Serious brawl in Oslo involving Russ

Beer Bottle, Russ, BrawlBeer Bottle. Photo: Pixabay

The police are filing a case after fights between several Russ

The police are filing a case after it broke out fights between many Russ, several of whom ended up at the emergency room, late Sunday night and early on Monday. Russ is a term used for Students celebrating the end of 13 years of school.


According to operations manager Tor Gulbrandsen at Oslo Police District, there has been an extraordinary active night for noise wise in the capital, and it peaked with fighting at Gaustad, between the Esso gas station and McDonalds.

– When we got to Gaustad turned out that several Russ were victims of violence and had taken themselves to the emergency room or been driven there. We do not know how many there are, there were a lot of buses and a lot of students in the area, but in the fight there was Russ from maybe two buses involved. We take it very seriously: it was violent and bottles were used as weapons, which have high potential for injuries, he said.

The police files a case in the matter and will try to get to the bottom of what happened

– It’s the last weekend before May 17, it is therefore typical that some Russ drink a bit too much and it moods become a bit testy. We used a lot of resources tonight trying to calm down the mood in several places, sending them home and, as here, filing cases, says Gulbrandsen.


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