Several caught speeding and driving under the influence in 2018

Photo: Morten Holm / Scanpix

Several were caught speeding and driving under the influence in 2018 than the year before. 101,000 motorists got speeding fines, while 9,649 were taken in for driving under the influence.

The number of speeding fines increased by 20 per cent from 2017 to 2018.

  • “It’s serious. The speed limits are set for a reason, and so many people are also sitting behind the wheel in a drugged state, this is not wanted,” says the chief of the police (UP), Runar Karlsen, to P4.

A total of 5,500 drivers lost their license on site for reckless driving. The number of speeding offenses recorded by speed cameras, so-called ATK, was 78,050.

  • “Reckless driving is one of the reasons why we still have too many people seriously injured and fatalities in traffic,” says Karlsen.

However, the police are not surprised that several motorists were stopped by UP and had to roll down the car window last year.

  • “This is expected because we have strengthened our efforts on speeding with several controls,” says the UP manager.

Of the 2,805 who were caught driving under the influence by UP, only 1,300 lost their driver’s license.

  • This is because many people simply drive under the influence without a driver’s license. In addition, we catch someone with low alcohol, ie below 0.5, where one does not immediately lose their driver’s license, he says.

In total, 9,649 drivers were reported for drug-affected driving in 2018. This is an increase of 10 per cent compared to 2017.

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