The police order research of online perpetrators

Men who abuse children online often do so in real life, as well.

Now the government will have more research on these type of perpetrators

“Crime is changing. Child abuse and abuse is a major and growing area of crime in our society. We know some about the victims, but little about the perpetrators,” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) to Adresseavisen.

In the government’s last budget conference in August, Solberg moved NOK 5 million for research in the field to the Ministry of Justice’s budget for 2020.

Trøndelag police district has already signed an agreement on strategic cooperation on interdisciplinary efforts against sexual abuse of children on the Internet (SOBI) with NTNU and St. Olav’s hospital.

“Our goal is to strengthen the research-based knowledge of SOBI as a social challenge,” says Dean and Professor Bjørn Gustafsson at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at NTNU.

According to police lawyer Marianne Høyer, between 30 and 60 percent of cybercriminals are also criminals in real life.

“We know less about who and what background these men have, what motivates the abuses out from of the net, why they don’t respond so well to treatment or whether they stop when caught,” said police lawyer Marianne Høyer.

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