Several mosques have introduced security measures following the terror attack in Bærum

Al-Noor Mosque.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

In several mosques in Norway, guards or volunteer guards are present during Friday prayers. Some have also mounted surveillance cameras after the terror attack in Bærum.

Others have mounted code locks on the door, shows a survey Vårt Land has done among mosques in Norway.

Al-Noor mosque in Bærum already had some security measures in place before the terror attack in the mosque on August 10 this year. After the attack, they have further strengthened security, including a security guard and code lock on the mosque’s front doors, the newspaper writes.

Several mosques in Oslo inform Vårt Land that they have watchmen to watch during Friday prayers. Some have also fitted surveillance cameras or code locks, and others are discussing how to do so.

In some places, security measures have arisen spontaneously. In Bergen mosque, Chairman Badreddine Maizi says that there are now some who stand by the doors and watch as others pray.

– I notice that there are several volunteer guards. Some will protect or “sacrifice”. I haven’t talked to them why they do it. It seems like some take some responsibility, says Maizi.

Some mosques say to Vårt Land that they receive inquiries from concerned members and notice some less demand, while others say the use of the mosque is back to normal.

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  1. sick trend this seems like unfortunately. Not Norwegian behaviour thoe

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