Several stores remove disposable barbecues from shelves

‘one-time’ barbecues‘one-time’ barbecues.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Several grocery stores have removed disposable grills from their shelves on request from the Norwegian Fire Protection Association. The background is the danger of forest fires.


“It is obvious that disposable grills pose a great danger. We want to help reduce the risk of forest fires and do what we can do,” said information manager, Anette Grønby Rein of Kjøpmannshuset to P4 news.

Kjøpmannshuset is a subsidiary of Norgesgruppen, and operates Joker, Spar and Nærbutikken chains, with almost 900 stores in Norway. They have requested all their stores from Trøndelag and in the south to remove disposable grills from the shelves.

Norwegian Fire Protection Association said to P4 on Wednesday that Norwegian stores should stop selling disposable grills.The warm weather in recent weeks has led to extreme forest fires throughout southern Norway, and several counties and
municipalities have introduced a total ban on open fires outdoors.

Rolf Søtorp, Managing Director of the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, asked people to forget the idea of using a one-time barbecue.

“Now is the time for cold food in the woods and fields,’’ he said.

Coop,Rema 1000, Menu and Kiwi won’t temporarily stop the sale of one-time barbecues. They informed P4 News on Wednesday that they have hung up posters in their stores with information about the greater fire hazard.


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