Single family home in Telemark uninhabitable after fire on Christmas Eve

Firetruck GjøvikFiretruck. Photo: Norway Today Media

A fire broke out in a single family home in Ulefoss in Nome, Telemark Christmas Eve. One man was driven to hospital for check.

All emergency services drove out when the police were notified of the fire at 22.23.

-“The residents of the house; a couple and a child were visiting the neighbors when they saw that their house had caught fire. The man of the house ran in to try to extinguish the fire. He then inhaled a lot of smoke,” says operations manager from the Telemark police district Geir Kastmo to NTB.

The man was taken to Telemark Hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.

– “The house is uninhabitable. When we got there it was mostly smoke, but eventually we were able to see the flames from the room where it burned. The fire department had to crush some windows and threw out some objects that were on fire,” Kastmo said.

One hour after the report of the fire, the police wrote on Twitter that the fire was extinguished.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today