Situation become normal again at passport control in Gardermoen

Oslo AirportOslo Airport.Photo: Norway Today Media

After the weekend which a long waiting time up to three hours was reported waiting at passport control of the airport the situation become normal again on Monday.

– It has calmed down. Now we are back to a manageable situation, says police chief Paal Sørhagen at Gardermoen to NTB on Monday afternoon.

On Sunday, police at Gardermoen got the good news that they will get 14 new police positions.
– They can come quickly in place, and we’re betting that we are not in the same situation as in the weekend, says Sørhagen.

Saturday also those who had forgotten passport at home and needed emergency passport being stopped. Now, however, the record open again.

But even if everything went as normal on passport control Monday new problems came for passengers on Monday afternoon when problems in the signaling led to stopping the rail traffic. In that direction there were no train to Gardermoen.

– We encourage them to be out flying today to charge a little extra time, says press contact Lasse André Vangstein.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today