Slide Swamps Eidfjord Road

UllensvangUllensvang.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

Fylkesvei / County Road 103 in Eidfjord was closed Sunday afternoon, July 29th, for 6 hours after a slide of mud, rocks & debris swept across the road


The slide took place in the heart of Hardanger, between Eidfjord & Kjeåsen, and gave a short, terrifying ride for a group of Swedish tourists when their car & trailer were engulfed and carried a distance by the muddy waters.

Police report that there were no injuries.

The rock slide forced police to close Eidfjord’s County Road 103 on Sunday afternoon @ 3.45 pm. The road was cleared & reopened just before 11 pm by the West Road Traffic Center.

Bergen’s Tidende newspaper reports that as Sunday’s slide swept across CR 103, a private car towing a holiday travel trailer was engulfed and then carried a short distance by the slide.

Besides being somewhat shaken, the Swedish tourists suffered no physical harm and were able to continue upon their way after the road was cleared.

The mountain slide was about 20 meters (60 feet) wide.

Fylkesvei / County Road 103 is a 9.2 kilometers (5.7 mile) long county road running east from Eidfjord while following the south shore of the Simadal Fjord,and then terminating within Sima Valley.


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