Snapchat couped the New Year’s traffic

New Year's SnapchatSnapchat takes an even larger lion's share of New Year's Traffic Photo:

Snapchat couped the New Year’s traffic in Norway

Norwegians sent millions of text messages on New Year’s Eve, but Snapchat exceeded the SMS service by a country mile.


Last year, Snapchat usage rose by 430 per cent at midnight on New Year’s Eve, while it rose even more, with as much as 618 per cent this year. That is more than seven times as many compared to on an ordinary day, according to figures from Telenor.

“The use of Snapchat is constantly increasing, and we expected that this for this year as well, the service was forecast to dominate the traffic on New Year’s Eve. Snapchat is especially suited for sending friends and family congratulations, so it is quite natural that it was just this service that reigned supreme on New Year’s Eve,” says acting CEO in Telenor Norway, Bjørn Ivar Moen.

30 per cent increase

Data traffic on the mobile network on New Year’s Eve was 30 per cent higher than one year ago. Traffic increased significantly during the hours around midnight on the Eve, Telenor states.

The traffic culminated at midnight and New Year’s Eve is dominated by the high use of social media, where Snapchat reigns on top. More and more people are using social media, both the older and younger. Many show their warmth and love with pictures and video clips, and then social media is, of course, the most suitable medium, Director of Coverage, Bjørn Amundsen lectures.

Increased data usage

“The customers of Telia sent fewer SMSs during New Year’s Eve than in previous years, but the data usage increased with them as well. The increase is largely due to the sharing of large files and videos,“ the company informs.

“Social media and apps like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and iMessage go haywire when the New Year is celebrated, and the trend is that an ever-growing number of our customers share photos and videos from their New Year celebration this way,” Telia Norway’s Leader for the Private Market segment, Kjersti Jamne can tell.

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