Snow in the north

Smooth roadsSmooth roads.Photo Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Parts of Eastern Norway will be sunny for the rest of the week,while a low pressure zone will cover northern Norway with snow.

After a few warm days of sunshine in much of southern Norway,temperatures will drop beyond this week.

Throughout the country, Norwegians will gradually have to replace autumn clothes with winter clothes.

“A high pressure zone ensures stable and calm weather in the south,while the weekend will be consistently cooler” said meteorologist, Håvard Thorset, of the
Meteorological Institute to NTB news.

“There will be very calm and stable weather for both eastern and western Norway for the rest of the week and for the weekend. There will be very little wind,and in much of southern Norway, the temperature will be around zero degrees” he said.

Christmas Carols

With the advent imminent, there are many waiting for the snow to get in the right seasonal mood. According to Thorset,northern Norway will have a taste of this already by the weekend.

“There is a clear distinction between southern and northern Norway over the next few days, where the latter will get snow.Especially on Friday there will be low pressure across northern Norway that will contribute a lot of wind and a little cooler air. Then it will snow.

Especially in the northern part of Nordland and north of there” he said.

“It’s starting to get quite dark in the north now,so it’ll probably help with some snow on the hill to light things up a bit” said Thorset.

By the end of the month, eastern Norway will be hit by snow.However, it does not seem that easterners can expect more snow just yet.

‘’There is nothing that suggests large amounts of snow in southern Norway at first.It can drizzle in a few places, but nothing significant.Of course it is very difficult to predict any further ahead, but at the end of next week there may be snow in eastern
Norway” he estimated.

Difficult driving in the north

In the north, he estimates that there may be difficult driving conditions at vulnerable locations in the future,and the Meteorological Institute has issued a notice on Twitter.

“On Friday in northern Norway, when wind and snow build up,it may create some trouble on the mountain crossings” said Thorset.

In Troms,it is also reported to be windy,with snow at the weekend.


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