Solberg: – We need more global response

Prime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Ørn E. Borgen / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) is one of several leaders who are calling for a climate meeting characterized by ambition, action and implementation.

– In New York in September, many countries pledged to strengthen their goals in the Paris Agreement. But we are still waiting for those countries with the most emissions to follow up, Solberg said when she spoke at COP25, the UN’s annual climate negotiation meeting, in Madrid on Monday.

“We need to have these countries on board to reach the Paris Agreement,” she added.

The Prime Minister highlighted Norway’s efforts to reduce emissions, where the current goal is to cut emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 compared with the 1990 level.

She also highlighted Norway’s contribution to the UN Climate Change Fund in developing countries, in addition to measures such as CO2 tax and increased funding for research and development, including industrial technology.

– Green solutions pave the way for new business opportunities, while helping us to manage the climate threat.

Solberg also emphasized the importance of preserving the world’s forests and oceans.

Calls for a “green revolution”
The UN’s annual annual climate negotiation meeting is being held this year in Madrid, Spain from December 2nd to the 13th, and in connection with Monday’s opening, several politicians have called for action.

Among them is EU President Charles Michel, who calls for a green revolution.

“For centuries we have been in an unconscious war with nature,” said the Belgian politician, who took up his new post on Sunday. He added that the planet is now on its knees.

“We’ve had the industrial revolution, we’ve had the technological revolution and now we need a green revolution,” he said.

Pelosi: – The United States is still in

The head of the House of Representatives in the United States, Nancy Pelosi, says the world can still count on the United States in the fight against global warming.

Pelosi is in Madrid with 14 other members of Congress to attend the climate meeting.

She made it clear that much of the United States is still strongly committed to living up to the goals set in the Paris Agreement of 2015, despite the political line of US President Donald Trump.

“We are here to tell you all, on behalf of the House of Representatives and the United States Congress, that we are still present,” Pelosi said to great applause.

– “We see this as an existential threat. We have not lived up to the challenge,” she added.

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