Soldiers injured after their vehicle falls five meters (5.4 yards)

ambulance traffic accident knife episodeAmbulance.Photo: Norway Today Media

Three soldiers have been taken to hospital with injuries, and four others have been sent for medical examination after a transportation vehicle careened off the road, rolled over and fell five meters into a ditch in Målselv in Troms.

The accident occurred at Rundhaug Bridge on Fylkesvei 87 on Monday night, during a military exercise.

‘It was a Mercedes-Benz field vehicle (with fans) that skidded off the road. There was a height difference of five meters from road to ditch’, said Lt. Col. Ole Johan Skogmo to NRK news.

One sergeant and six conscripts were in the vehicle when it skidded and turned over.

One person was taken to the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromso by helicopter ambulance, while two people were sent to UNN by regular ambulance.

The hospital said that at 1 a.m. on Tuesday the condition of the three injured soldiers wasn’t known. Lieutenant Colonel Ole Johan Skogmo told NRK earlier in the evening that no one was critically injured.

‘Both the military police and a civilian police investigator always investigate this type of accident. Since we are talking about personal injury, the civilian police take the main responsibility’, said Skogmo.

All those involved were Norwegians of approximately 20 years of age. The report about the accident came in at 19.20. It was said to be very slippery at the accident site.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today