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Sp will reintroduce snake ban

boa snake banBoa snake.Photo:

Sp will reintroduce snake ban

If the Centre Party comes into the Government, Party Leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum promises to reintroduce the ban on snakes as pets.


After 40 years of prohibition the Government changes the rules from August 15 and allows some snakes, lizards and turtles to be kept as pets. The liberalization can be short-lived, writes Klassekampen.

If Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is allowed to decide after the elections in the autumn, the snakes will be back on the prohibition list again. He envisages a reversing of the Government’s decision as early as around New Year.

No to reptiles and wolves

– We are for snake free towns and wolf free country side, says the Sp-leader. He also said no to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s recommendation to relax the rules when he was the minister of agriculture in the previous red-green Government.

One of the arguments for the upcoming change is that it is estimated that thousands of reptiles are already being kept illegally as pets. This “has unfortunate consequences for animal welfare, animal health and possibly human health,” says the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Among other things, owners may be unwilling to seek out a veterinarian. That argument is not reason enough for Vedum.

– We do not make it legal to speed just because many break the limit, he retorts.


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