Sports center completely destroyed in a fire in Bjerkreim in Southern Rogaland (Sør-Rogaland)

Bjerkreim HallVikeså.Bjerkreim Hall.Photo : Kjetil Haven / NTB scanpix


Bjerkreimshallen (Bjerkreim Hall) in Bjerkreim, south of Stavanger, has been burned almost to the ground. Police don’t know if there were people in the building when the fire started on Friday morning.

‘The fire scene commander reported that it is uncertain whether there are, or had been, people in the hall when the fire started. Further efforts are ongoing in finding the cause leading to the fire in the sports hall, which was almost burned to the ground. This is based on messages that are coming fast’, said operations manager, Egil Karlsen, of South West police.

Police reported fire coming through the ceiling at 08.30 on Friday morning, and by then, the building was already almost completely destroyed. Emergency services are working intensively to determine whether someone might be inside the building.

‘It is the emergency services and fire brigade’s task to extinguish the fire and save lives. When fire crews have the opportunity, they will enter.

But this has to do with security, they can’t go into the hall when there is a risk that things may collapse. Once the fire is extinguished, and they have the opportunity, they will go and begin to search’, said Karlsen.

Simultaneously, with the hall burning down, there was work going on downstairs to clear archives that belonged to the municipality.

‘Efforts were being made to clear the archives downstairs. There was a fire in the separating moulding in the roof of that area which was up against the hall’, said the Operations Officer.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today