Spring is postponed, again

Bird spring snow.Bird in spring with snow. Photo: Pixabay.com

Spring is delayed – large amounts of snow is expected

Next week, the degrees were supposed to rise and spring was finally to emerge from hibernation. But to the contrary, the meteorologists expect up to 30 centimetres of additional snow in the next few days.


The coming week promises large variations Night before Sunday the first snow will arrive at Sørlandet and in Rogaland. The snow will then continue onwards inland from there.

The Agder counties and Eastern Norway can expect up to 25-30 centimetres of fresh snow in the next few days. On top of that, winds in Agder will reach between 15 and 20 metres per second night before Sunday, ie up to full gale in force.

Freezing rain

Yr.no has already warned against difficult driving conditions in Rogaland and Agder. This is due largely due to that the precipitation in these areas will come down as rain farthest south in Rogaland and in Western parts of Agder. The undercooled  rain will freeze to ice on the ground and therefore make for very slippery roads.

The same obs! warning includes Telemark, Østfold and Vestfold.

In places where the temperature is around zero or just above, the precipitation will mostly come down as rain in the lower areas.

– It’s going to be rather wet. Precipitation starts as snow, but turns into sleet and rain in the evening most places. Then we experience freezing rain and it can become very slippery and difficult driving conditions here as well, says Meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute in Oslo, Eldbjørg Moxnes, to yr.no.

Cold and mostly dry

During the week, temperatures will at first move slightly upwards, but come next weekend it will be quite cold, with between 10 and 30 degrees centigrade below freezing at night. The land locked areas will as usual experience the lowest temperatures.

In northern Norway and northern parts of Trøndelag it will be cold and dry, but with some local snow showers.

NVE announces that the danger of avalanches will increase to level three – significant danger – Sunday and Monday in the areas Inner Sogn, Voss, Hallingdal, Hardanger and Western parts of Telemark.


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