Støre promises major clean-up of working conditions in Norway

Jonas Gahr StørePhoto: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) put working life policy at the very top of his priorities in his declaration of accession.

“The government will fight social dumping and carry out a major clean-up of Norwegian working conditions to secure permanent, full-time positions with Norwegian pay, and working conditions,” Støre stated in his solemn speech to the Norwegian parliament.

According to him, secure work for everyone and good services close to people will be the most important task for the new AP-SP government.

“For the government, secure work for everyone is job number one,” he said.

Promises from Hurdal

Among other things, Støre highlighted the Hurdal platform’s promises of doubling the trade union deduction and a full-time boost.

“The preferential right to an increased position and the right to full-time employment shall be strengthened in the legislation. The government will remove the general access to temporary employment, limit hiring, fight work-related crime and stop the deregulation in the taxi industry,” he said.

“The working conditions policy must be based on respect for ordinary people’s honest work and ensure good pay, a full and permanent position, and a secure pension for all,” he added.

Industrial policy

Støre then went on to talk about the new government’s industrial policy. In the Hurdal platform, the AP and the Center Party (SP) favor increasing Norwegian exports, excluding oil and gas, by at least 50% by 2030. At the same time, the new government promises to say no to new power cables abroad for the next four years.

“To succeed, we must ensure that Norwegian natural resources, including reasonably renewable energy, remain a competitive advantage for Norwegian industry,” said Støre.

He also announced a green industrial offensive in which the state will help to get new industries up and running.

District policy

For district policy, Støre announced that the government would present a case to the parliament to split Troms and Finnmark again. The same will happen with the large county of Viken if there is an application from the county council there about this. In that case, Akershus, Buskerud, and Østfold will be restored.

Støre also announced “rural growth agreements” in selected locations and a new emphasis on medium-sized cities. At the same time, the government’s ferry promise was repeated:

“The prices of national and county ferries will be halved during the four-year period,” Støre said.

He also promised a free ferry for islands and other communities with no road connection to the mainland. In addition, all ferry connections with less than 100,000 passengers will be free each year.

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