Storm continues to rage in the north of the country

StormSalangen.Storm.Photo: Jon Henrik Larsen / Salangen-Nyheter / NTB scanpix

Meteorologists are waiting to see if there is a worsening of storm conditions in Troms and West Finnmark, and Finnmarkvidda beyond Monday.

It is potentially dangerous to be outdoors. On Sunday the storm created problems at airports for air flight, and for both boats and cars in Northern Norway.
The Northernmost populations and regions face continuing challenges on Monday.

In a ‘special attention’ (OBS) forecast, the meteorological service warned of a Western storm, and locally they warned of strong winds in inland areas of Troms, the inner part of West Finnmark, and Finnmarkvidda. The wind will begin to rise in strength from 10.00 on Monday morning.

They warned of there being a ’high risk of flight cancellations’, and against ‘the use of boats and other transportation. Bridges may be closed’. They advised against being outdoors. They reported on ‘huge damage to buildings and infrastructure,’ in the southwestern OBS notice.

Several roads in Finnmark have been able to be opened on Monday, but the E69 between Skarsvåg and Nordkapp, and the county road 98 over Ifjordfjellet is still closed, reported iFinnmark. In addition, there is single lane driving on six roads.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today