Street artist painted a crucified Listhaug in Bergen

Wall paintings by Sylvi Listhaug.Photo: Emil Weatherhead Breistein / NTB scanpix

Sometime during the early hours to Monday a street painting appeared where Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) is featured as Jesus hanging on the cross, set up in Bergen.


The drawing is on a wall on Hans Holmboe street and shows Listhaug with a crown of thorns hanging on a cross. At her feet, lay microphones and such slogans as “mass surveillance” and “Yemen” are painted in the background, writes TV 2.

Both TV 2, VG ​​and Nettavisen write that it is possibly the artist known as AFK who has created the painting, as pictures have been posted on his Instagram street gallery account. The caption of this particular street art piece has been titled “Making a Martyr”.

AKF is known as a street artist in Bergen and has made several street paintings in the city earlier. His most famous work is a 70 meter long painting at Flesland. The street artist has chosen to remain anonymous because he feels “anonymity gives him the freedom to be who he is”, he stated in an interview with NRK.

It is unclear whether the artist has been allowed to create the street painting, and the police have informed VG that they will investigate the matter.

– “This is being treated as plain graffiti. We are now working to investigate with those who created it, to find out if it was commissioned or just political graffiti,” says the operations manager of the West Police District, Tatjana Button to the newspaper.

Both, TV 2 and Nettavisen have been in contact with Listhaug’s advisors and Frps communications people who say the parliamentary representative is not available for comment.

Christoffer Thomsen, chairman of Bergen Frp, emphasizes in a comment to TV 2 that Norway is a free country.

“What artists choose, to use their freedom of speech to, is not up to us politicians,” says Thomsen.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today