Strike to close bus stops in many large cities and towns

BusOSLO.Bus.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

The buses in and around Oslo, Drammen, Sandnes, and Stavanger stop running from Sunday if there is a strike. Also, air buses and express lines will be affected.


Approximately 29,000 LO members and 6,000 YS members in the transport, food, forwarding, and cleaning industries are excluded if there is no agreement with the counter-party NHO.

For the public, it will be in the transport sector that the consequences will immediately be noticed the most. In addition to bus routes in and around major cities such as Oslo, Drammen, Sandnes, and Stavanger, a number of ferry connections will be affected.

Bus stop

The LO-affiliated Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union and the YS-linked Occupational Transport Federation have jointly announced that there could be strikes for more than 2,000 bus drivers in companies such as Unibuss, Nettbuss, Norgesbuss and Nobina.

A strike would be in full swing in the bus service in Oslo from Sunday morning.

In addition, the buses will be stationary in large parts of Akershus, with the exception of Vestby, Bjørkelangen, Årnes and Eidsvoll.

In Buskerud, all Brakjar lines in Drammen, Røyken and Hurum will be affected.

In Rogaland, 283 buses and 591 drivers will be covered by a strike. This means that there will be no buses in regular scheduled traffic in North Jæren, Jæren and Dalane, said ‘Kolumbus’.

Express buses

Also, the company ‘Unibuss Ekspress’ will be affected by a possible major strike in the public sector.

Sunday would hit the low-cost expresses between Oslo and Stavanger,the airbus OSL express between Mortensrud and Gardermoen, and the Torp Express from Monday.

Furthermore, the line FB1 Majorstuen and FB3 Bekkestua will be hit by a strike.

Details can be found on the various companies’ websites.

The wage settlement in the private sector has a deadline of midnight night on Saturday, and strike could be a reality from Sunday morning.


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