The police have used stun guns six times this year

stun gun taser electric shockA police issue stun gun from Taser. Photo: Junglecat - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The police have employed stun guns six times this year

The police used an electroshock weapon (aka stun gun) to gain control of an aggressive man in Oslo on Tuesday morning. This was the sixth time that they have employed the weapon type so far in 2019.

“The Police Directorate’s figures from the first quarter of this year show that a stun gun has been employed four times. It has been threatened to be used on another 20 occasions. The weapon is also employed twice in Oslo, one of which is the event at Grünerløkka on Tuesday morning,” NRK reports.

The aggressive man is a Russian citizen in his thirties. He is charged with attempted murder after stabbing a Filipino man in the centre of Oslo.

50,000 volts

Permission to use stun guns was introduced from January 1st, 2019, as part of a trial project. The police districts: Troms, Southwest, East and Oslo are currently included. The trial project will last until 2021. Only then will the Police Directorate assess whether the weapon will become a permanent part of Norwegian police equipment.

Most cases where the police have employed an electric stun gun, have been situations where people have threatened to harm others. The next statistics on the use of the weapon is expected in early July.

The stun guns (electroshock weapons), used by the Norwegian police, emit an electric shock of 50,000 volts.

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